WSA-mobile Winners‘Conference and Gala

Abu Dhabi
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WSA-mobile Winners‘Conference and Gala

December 6-8, 2010
Celebrating the richness and diversity in m-Content

This year, Abu Dhabi and ADSIC (Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre) will be generously hosting the first edition of the WSA-mobile Winners’ Celebrations.  The unique networking event showcasing the most outstanding mobile content from all over the world and organized in close cooperation and back to back with the Global Forum of the United Nations’ DESA GAID  will take place from December 6-8, 2010 bringing together a wide range if experts from the industry, governments and the UN, along with the creative community.

The Winners’ Gala

The Gala Celebration is the highlight of the entire WSA-mobile process 2010 and a unique ceremony to honor excellence m-Content and innovative application creation. The winning teams in 8 categories from all over the world will be present and handed out the awards by highest level international dignities. The Winners’ teams will be invited to personally receive their certificate and trophy from dignitaries of government, the private sector and the United Nations. The Gala is orchestrated as a two hour show, with music and multimedia elements. Global webcasts and TV broadcasting are planned to cover the event. By bringing together government, business and civil society, the WSA mobile supports the creation of synergies between suppliers and users of communications applications and assists in connecting practical applications and innovative ideas.

WSA-mobile Winners workshops
Sharing the expertise:  m- Content & innovative applications

For two days, the World Summit Award mobile (WSA-mobile) Winners teams selected from around the world, will take stage to present their awarded projects, meet each other in a panel discussion, share their visions on ICT, creativity and innovation, speak about their experience and ask and answer questions. Each session will be thematically dedicated to one of the WSA mobile categories and moderated by a member of the Grand Jury.
The workshops will be dedicated to Innovation and creative use of ICTs, which lack sustainable value if not driven by quality content. Using and working with technologies creatively can improve the lives of many – this shall be clearly demonstrated and showcased during the three days in Abu Dhabi on concrete examples of excellence from all parts of the world. Creativity is not bound to being rich in terms of material goods, infrastructure and access to networks: it is a “natural resource” of the human mind everywhere in the world. Bridging the digital divide is therefore a matter of content.
The WSA-mobile winners workshops will be a unique opportunity and an invitation not only see the best examples of taking the main challenges of the new Information Society, but also to personally meet those behind the best in the content industry, from m-Learning to m-Health and from m-Entertainment to m-Inclusion.

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