Hungary Tourism App

WSA-mobile Winner in the category m-Tourism & Culture, 2010
m-Tourism & Culture
AFF Group (Alkalmazás Fejlesztési Fórum Kft)

Hungary Tourismallows users to browse among hotels, restaurants, museums, sights and spas using a mobile Smartphone. The comprehensive database of 25.000 locations across Hungary provides a large choice of accommodations and leisure activities.

Citizens and tourists can learn about the latest specials or use the map-based service guide to take you around in the capital and also off the beaten track. One can also easily access weather info, currency exchange rates and even some useful expressions with a talking dictionary in one of the most unique languages on Earth.

On top of all this, users have the possibility of sharing the database with your friends and of linking up with your social network through the Hungary Tourism app.

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Jury Evaluation: 

Hungary Tourismprovides a fantastic example of how mobile technologies can be a real aid while travelling. By providing all the information normally found in numerous books and on various sites, this app is one convenient, user-friendly and beautifully designed mobile application. 

Users have access to all the relevant information when out of home, including other user reviews, regarding most of Hungary’s points of interest, accommodations and entertainment options, thus making travel planning and travelling itself more interesting, fun and error-free. 

As such, one single mobile application acts as a planning aid, a guide book, and a navigation system, providing its users with all the tools required for a wonderful vacation or day-trip. The application’s comprehensiveness (25.000 locations across Hungary), user-friendly features, use of user-generated content (UGC) and comments, and excellent technical implementation make Hungary Tourism a true best practice in the area of m-Tourism and Culture. Travellers worldwide would do well if such wonderful applications existed for other points of interest as well.