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Dermandar  creates a novel way to take panoramic images. The simple and elegant user interface is composed of two complementary shapes that join each other as the user rotates the device. The extremely fast outcome is the product of a unique combination of high-level mathematics and low-level optimizations. Using the mobile device’s sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass), the application automatically takes consecutive images. More than 4.5 million people have downloaded this application.



Wheelmap is an online map for wheelchair accessible places. Like Wikipedia, the data is publically owned - anyone can contribute by tagging public places according to their accessibility. Mobility-impaired persons, such as users of wheelchairs or walking frames, use the platform to share relevant location-based information. Can one reach a specific café? Does a popular restaurant have an accessible toilet? Is a municipal office barrier-free? The OpenStreetMap-based approach helps mobility-impaired users, as well as anyone with limited mobility, to plan their day more efficiently. Thousands of e-volunteers supporting the cause add to the database via the web or mobile phones. Wheelmap has more than 250,000 points of interests in eighteen languages. Public awareness raised by Wheelmap can encourage owners of public buildings to improve their location’s accessibility.



The Ovelin app Wildchords combines high-tech signal processing technologies with gaming to motivate people to practice their musical instruments, making learning fun, even addictive. WildChords is played on an iPad, together with a real acoustic or electric guitar. The microphone records the notes played and the app evaluates the sound. For instruments like guitar, the harmonics of the strings overlap in the audio spectrum, making individual chords difficult to identify. Unique Ovelin technology allows instantaneous recognition, critical for real-time game play. WildChords detects typical mistakes made by music learners such as wrong notes, poor hand position or technique, and gives feedback to improve playing. WildChords offers a riveting game scenario, where, with enough musical skill, the user moves from level to level. The story unfolds as the user progresses: hundreds of escaped animals prowl the city scaring inhabitants. Each animal likes a specific guitar chord: Carsten, the Crazy Crocodile likes C; Doris, the Droopy Duck likes D; Angelo, the Arrogant Ape likes A and so on. The user rounds up the animals by playing their favourite chords, bringing them to the harbour to board a boat for return to their natural habitat. The winner of the game is on the way to becoming a musician.



Roadroid offers a mobile app for Android smart phones, to monitor road condition, and a web site with color-marked maps displaying results.
The app is using phone’s built-in sensors, camera and GPS. The app analysis provides 100 signals per second (100 Hz), defining road quality according to four levels: green for ‘Good’, yellow for ‘Satisfactory’, red for ‘Unsatisfactory’ and black for ‘Poor’.
After logging onto the ROADROID’s homepage, users can dig in to the data and monitor, plan or follow up on road maintenance. ROADROID provides an up-to-date picture of road quality.
By generating precise measurements and large amounts of data, the field-tested ROADROID system provides reliable statistics in a way unmatched by other methods. It also creates unique opportunities for route guidance and avoiding bad stretches.
ROADROID has relevance both in developed countries for follow ups on Performance Based Contracts - but also in developing countries as it enables a powerful solutions for road maintenance issues. The Road infrastructure is a basic condition for enabling growth, democracy, healthcare and education in a country. Roadroid is an excellent tool to get a comprehensive view of the situation and also to follow up the actions, not of least interest form funders as the World Bank.




Project Noah is a software platform designed to help people reconnect with the natural world. Launched in early 2010, the project began as an experiment to mobilize citizen scientists and build a digital butterfly net for the 21st century. Now backed by National Geographic, Project Noah is mobilizing a new generation of nature explorers and helping people from around the world to appreciate their local wildlife. The community is harnessing the power and popularity of new mobile technologies to collect important ecological data and preserve global biodiversity. The ultimate goal is to build a go-to platform for documenting all the world’s organisms. In so doing, Project Noah hopes to develop an effective way to measure Mother Nature’s pulse. By providing tools to help mobile citizens share their encounters with nature, Project Noah builds a powerful force for crowdsourcing ecological data collection and strengthening wildlife awareness and preservation.

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Keapo is a mobile vending platform that makes buying and selling of personal easy. Users take a photo with the Keapo app of the product they want to sell, write a short description with no more than 140 characters, set the price and that’s it. The item will be listed for sale on Keapo and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter in less than 25 seconds. Through Keapo, users can also follow people zhey are interested in and discover all the surprising things they would like to exchange or sell. The listings are not determined by Keapo. Instead, the items with the most user likes jump to the top of the list, while others are ranked below according to popularity. It may be trash for you, but for other people your treasure just may be gold. You never know who needs your seemingly useless stuff until you list with Keapo.

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Russian Federation


Star Walk is a stellar augmented reality app that labels the stars, constellations, and satellites pointed to with an iPad. Star Walk tracks the International Space Station, finds out what constellation the user has been looking at from their bedroom window and provides oodles of exciting and educative information. Combined with the amazing Apple Design award-winning graphics and highest quality content, the Star Walk experience is pure magic.

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Sri Lanka



TrafficMate is a traffic management app providing an efficient solution for traffic congestion. Research indicates the most effective ways to control traffic, for example, by algorithms based on artificial intelligence to control traffic lights. However, these solutions rely on the availability of accurate and real-time information about traffic flow. TrafficMate takes advantage of the smartphone inside the app user’s pocket, turning the user into a sensor. Smartphones thus create a ‘social network’ of traffic detection without external sensors or bureaucracy. The mobile app collects traffic flow data including speed, acceleration patterns and location of the mobile device in a vehicle, sending the data to a central server, where it is processed to identify traffic jam locations.  App users receive information from the server in the form of location-based updates. TrafficMate marks jammed areas on a Google map, also making information available to traffic analysts and viewers via the web page or API. A major advantage: TrafficMate data gathering and transmission is a backend process, not visible to the user.



When we were kids, we loved drawing on walls and writing on schools desks; we carved our names into trees and park benches, and expressed our identity and presence everywhere we went. We have a deep urge to leave our mark. Harpoen is a free ‘digital graffiti’ application that is made in Indonesia and Makes Places Talk. Leave your mark and begin a discussion with the future. Discover a mark, and places tell you a story of who came and what happened before you. Like physical graffiti, messages are only visible to others nearby. Content can be tailored to individual tastes with powerful yet easy-to-use customized search features; simply input a keyword, or add a username, and Harpoen will return the closest match to you. Harpoen will also push-alert-you when you are around new messages that either match your saved interests, or have been left by your friends. Harpoen partners with artists, photographers, musicians, local governments, and others with great location-specific content, and has developed a suite of web and mobile management tools. Harpoen is unique because it is non-instantaneous. It is not uncommon to discover Harps from several weeks or months past in areas both new and familiar. We believe that having a shared location is the ultimate context for interactions. We experience serendipity while using Harpoen, as we either run into marks left by others, or others run into and comment on marks left by us.


Shadow Cities players are technomages, rediscovering the long lost parallel shadow world and its magic by using their mobile device. The game challenges players to rediscover their surroundings in a way never before seen. Using location-based augmented reality technology, Shadow Cities creates a revolutionary global arena in which players delve into real-time, large-scale epic battles with other gamers in their very own transformed neighbourhoods. At the core of the game lie spells cast by drawing runes on the mobile device screen. Shadow Cities builds on traditional roleplaying concepts, offering a deep levelling system that allows players to customize their character by learning spells and developing attributes. An entirely new feature layers the game world on top of real-world locations. Players are challenged in mission-based gameplay, as well as by Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment territorial conflict and control, and weekly campaigns between player factions, with unique medals as rewards that define the player’s character over time. Communication plays a vital role, ensured by in-game chat and social networking functionalities. Players can call on friends for help, discuss campaign progressions, display achievements and most importantly, remain easily connected with friends inside Shadow Cities.