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There are many jobs where it’s not possible to google, employees simply have to know the facts on the spot, especially in direct contact with customers or clients. This is especially pertinent for medical doctors, nurses, policemen, or sales people, but also teachers.

KnowledgePulse® (KP) is a push e-learning solution, allowing users to integrate learning into their daily routines. The client-server system supports knowledge acquisition via a smart system of repetition, using intelligent learning cards that are tailored to mobile learning and presented in a personalized manner. KP creates value for companies and public administrations by securing their training investments and makes sense for individuals by ensuring their knowledge uptake even when there is little time to learn. The KP solution makes learning, content authoring and administration easy! While the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi uses KP to support its Excellence Program, KP is used in several Bahraini ministries, whether call centre training in the Ministry of Housing or doctor/nurse education in the Ministry of Health. Corporate customers include the Austrian Railways Corporation (IT trainings), the supermarket chain MPREIS (apprentice training), and specialized training outfits like Netdoktor (Continuous Medical Education) or Primas (Project Management).



When we were kids, we loved drawing on walls and writing on schools desks; we carved our names into trees and park benches, and expressed our identity and presence everywhere we went. We have a deep urge to leave our mark. Harpoen is a free ‘digital graffiti’ application that is made in Indonesia and Makes Places Talk. Leave your mark and begin a discussion with the future. Discover a mark, and places tell you a story of who came and what happened before you. Like physical graffiti, messages are only visible to others nearby. Content can be tailored to individual tastes with powerful yet easy-to-use customized search features; simply input a keyword, or add a username, and Harpoen will return the closest match to you. Harpoen will also push-alert-you when you are around new messages that either match your saved interests, or have been left by your friends. Harpoen partners with artists, photographers, musicians, local governments, and others with great location-specific content, and has developed a suite of web and mobile management tools. Harpoen is unique because it is non-instantaneous. It is not uncommon to discover Harps from several weeks or months past in areas both new and familiar. We believe that having a shared location is the ultimate context for interactions. We experience serendipity while using Harpoen, as we either run into marks left by others, or others run into and comment on marks left by us.


The Math Mage makes mental arithmetic the key to defeat monsters invading the hero’s city. The game is a wildly entertaining adventure, utilizing dynamic battling controls that turn arithmetic into sheer action. Players simply tap approaching monsters to fight them. The action freezes, as a math equation pops onto the screen and a fiery ring with up to five possible answers appears around the attacker. Players choose the right answer before the ring casts its spell, vanquishing the invader.

Meanwhile, The Math Mage’s top levels ramp up the challenge. Players first choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, then work backwards from the numeric answer to create an equation from two sets of number rings. The Math Mage includes four modes of difficulty to ensure that all users enjoy the game, regardless of skill or age. Children build on skills via a reward system challenging them to try harder. The game takes the player on a magical journey through beautiful 3D worlds in which delightfully animated scenes relay the story. The game does not use text, other than in the main menu, thus transcending languages. The Math Mage is cited by industry experts as an excellent addition to a child’s toolbox for life.




AlzNav’s target audience are senior citizens and persons in the initial/pre-stages of dementia. The application aims to improve their autonomy by increasing their sense of safety when going outdoors and to ease caregivers’ concerns by alerting them should the user get lost or need help. AlzNav distinguishes itself from other solutions by providing a simplified user interface designed specifically for target users’ needs and limitations. The app allows caregivers to specify the safety area within which the user can move. If the user wanders past the predetermined area, AlzNav sends a text message with the user’s current location, or responds to location requests from the caregiver. To empower users to help themselves when in need, AlzNav can switch to foreground mode, get the user’s attention and ask if everything is OK while offering assistance. If users feel able, AlzNav can navigate them back home, call a cab, or help them place calls to family or friends. AlzNav’s navigational system combines audio and textual instructions with an on-screen arrow that always points in the direction to go – independently of the device’s orientation, a significant improvement over other navigational systems.



Hand Talk is an app for mobile devices that receives data and translates it to Libras, the sign language of the deaf communities of urban Brazil.  Hand Talk works with three basic sources: audio, texts or images. When a voice is captured by the mobile phone, the app converts the sound to sign language with the help of a 3D avatar who appears on the mobile screen. This feature is useable in conversations, lectures and many other settings. With the text feature, the deaf user can copy a message received from a local carrier or a website, paste it into the app and have it translated to Libras. The image feature can be used to translate the content of magazines, newspapers, books or signs. The user photographs a phrase or words and the app converts it to Libras. The system’s API may be used on other operating systems and platforms, making content accessible to people that do not know any spoken language. Potential content includes anything from news or government websites, bank terminals and other financial institutions, to supermarkets and museums. Hand Talk is an outstanding social inclusion tool allowing people with disabilities in Brazil to participate more fully in daily life.



Singapore mobile penetration skyrocketed from 24% in 1997 to 131% in 2008. The shift to an on-the-go lifestyle was the impetus for the National Library Board, NLB, to develop Library in Your Pocket (LiYP).
The app provides mobile users with convenient, on-demand access to popular library services and e-resources. Searching the library catalogue, checking loan status and downloading short stories is easy to do from mobile devices anytime, anywhere.
Starting with a mobile web application in 2009, NLB enhanced the LiYP service for popular smart phone models, expanding over time to include access to online newspapers, audio books, and other library resources, including pictures, video, and Infopedia articles on Singapore, as well as historic newspapers and other heritage material.
NLB launched the MobileRead iPhone application at 2011 READ!, a nation-wide reading initiative to encourage Singaporean commuters and book lovers to read fiction, including local creative literature, on mobile phones. MobileRead attracted over 50,000 downloads, doubling the annual reading programme’s outreach. The Singapore Memory Project is a long-term programme to enable the national memory to be collected, organised, preserved, discovered, researched and co-created. A key component is an online portal and the Singapore Memory Mobile app. Digital services are an integral part of NLB’s multi-channel delivery approach.



Ithmaar Bank's MobiCash is a new product allowing customers to withdraw cash from the bank’s ATMs without a card. A first of its kind, the innovative MobiCash cardless cash withdrawal solution changes the way people in Bahrain access cash, allowing third parties to withdraw cash conveniently and securely from Ithmaar ATMs. Extremely simple to use, all that users need is an Ithmaar Bank e-banking ID. MobiCash works as follows: the MobiCash sender, an Ithmaar Bank customer with either an active current or saving account and access to e-banking, adds the MobiCash receiver to the MobiCash beneficiary list via e-banking. The MobiCash sender then sends money to the MobiCash receiver’s Bahraini mobile number. The MobiCash receiver gets an sms with the MobiCash reference number and a code. The receiver activates the MobiCash service at any Ithmaar Bank ATM by means of the dedicated button. After successfully entering all the details sent via sms, the MobiCash receiver gets the cash. MobiCash is supported by a network of 39 ATMs across Bahrain, making cash available virtually anywhere, at any time.

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Keapo is a mobile vending platform that makes buying and selling of personal easy. Users take a photo with the Keapo app of the product they want to sell, write a short description with no more than 140 characters, set the price and that’s it. The item will be listed for sale on Keapo and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter in less than 25 seconds. Through Keapo, users can also follow people zhey are interested in and discover all the surprising things they would like to exchange or sell. The listings are not determined by Keapo. Instead, the items with the most user likes jump to the top of the list, while others are ranked below according to popularity. It may be trash for you, but for other people your treasure just may be gold. You never know who needs your seemingly useless stuff until you list with Keapo.

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The Ovelin app Wildchords combines high-tech signal processing technologies with gaming to motivate people to practice their musical instruments, making learning fun, even addictive. WildChords is played on an iPad, together with a real acoustic or electric guitar. The microphone records the notes played and the app evaluates the sound. For instruments like guitar, the harmonics of the strings overlap in the audio spectrum, making individual chords difficult to identify. Unique Ovelin technology allows instantaneous recognition, critical for real-time game play. WildChords detects typical mistakes made by music learners such as wrong notes, poor hand position or technique, and gives feedback to improve playing. WildChords offers a riveting game scenario, where, with enough musical skill, the user moves from level to level. The story unfolds as the user progresses: hundreds of escaped animals prowl the city scaring inhabitants. Each animal likes a specific guitar chord: Carsten, the Crazy Crocodile likes C; Doris, the Droopy Duck likes D; Angelo, the Arrogant Ape likes A and so on. The user rounds up the animals by playing their favourite chords, bringing them to the harbour to board a boat for return to their natural habitat. The winner of the game is on the way to becoming a musician.



SocialDiabetes  is a system for the self-management of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1. By utilizing knowledge that diabetic patients have about their own disease and sharing it with others through this app, users can leverage the potential provided by cloudcomputing in order to enhance the quality of life. Factors like food intake and exercise are logged into the system which in turn recommends the insulin dose based on these parameters. This method lets the user gain flexibility over their diet and security in their treatment, as the system takes the treatment pattern determined by the doctor and recalculates the recommended dose after considering the parameters in context, together with changes in the patient’s vital signs. By managing statistical information and data about the patient’s actual behaviour, the Social Diabetes system can make personalized recommendations. The patient can invite their doctor to join the Social Diabetes web, to monitor the patient online. Alerts can be established and changes in treatment ordered by the doctor automatically appear on the patient’s device. The optimization of patient monitoring by healthcare professionals leads to improvements in healthcare services, while reducing time and costs.