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TrafficMate is a traffic management app providing an efficient solution for traffic congestion. Research indicates the most effective ways to control traffic, for example, by algorithms based on artificial intelligence to control traffic lights. However, these solutions rely on the availability of accurate and real-time information about traffic flow. TrafficMate takes advantage of the smartphone inside the app user’s pocket, turning the user into a sensor. Smartphones thus create a ‘social network’ of traffic detection without external sensors or bureaucracy. The mobile app collects traffic flow data including speed, acceleration patterns and location of the mobile device in a vehicle, sending the data to a central server, where it is processed to identify traffic jam locations.  App users receive information from the server in the form of location-based updates. TrafficMate marks jammed areas on a Google map, also making information available to traffic analysts and viewers via the web page or API. A major advantage: TrafficMate data gathering and transmission is a backend process, not visible to the user.



Ithmaar Bank's MobiCash is a new product allowing customers to withdraw cash from the bank’s ATMs without a card. A first of its kind, the innovative MobiCash cardless cash withdrawal solution changes the way people in Bahrain access cash, allowing third parties to withdraw cash conveniently and securely from Ithmaar ATMs. Extremely simple to use, all that users need is an Ithmaar Bank e-banking ID. MobiCash works as follows: the MobiCash sender, an Ithmaar Bank customer with either an active current or saving account and access to e-banking, adds the MobiCash receiver to the MobiCash beneficiary list via e-banking. The MobiCash sender then sends money to the MobiCash receiver’s Bahraini mobile number. The MobiCash receiver gets an sms with the MobiCash reference number and a code. The receiver activates the MobiCash service at any Ithmaar Bank ATM by means of the dedicated button. After successfully entering all the details sent via sms, the MobiCash receiver gets the cash. MobiCash is supported by a network of 39 ATMs across Bahrain, making cash available virtually anywhere, at any time.

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The Math Mage makes mental arithmetic the key to defeat monsters invading the hero’s city. The game is a wildly entertaining adventure, utilizing dynamic battling controls that turn arithmetic into sheer action. Players simply tap approaching monsters to fight them. The action freezes, as a math equation pops onto the screen and a fiery ring with up to five possible answers appears around the attacker. Players choose the right answer before the ring casts its spell, vanquishing the invader.

Meanwhile, The Math Mage’s top levels ramp up the challenge. Players first choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, then work backwards from the numeric answer to create an equation from two sets of number rings. The Math Mage includes four modes of difficulty to ensure that all users enjoy the game, regardless of skill or age. Children build on skills via a reward system challenging them to try harder. The game takes the player on a magical journey through beautiful 3D worlds in which delightfully animated scenes relay the story. The game does not use text, other than in the main menu, thus transcending languages. The Math Mage is cited by industry experts as an excellent addition to a child’s toolbox for life.



When we were kids, we loved drawing on walls and writing on schools desks; we carved our names into trees and park benches, and expressed our identity and presence everywhere we went. We have a deep urge to leave our mark. Harpoen is a free ‘digital graffiti’ application that is made in Indonesia and Makes Places Talk. Leave your mark and begin a discussion with the future. Discover a mark, and places tell you a story of who came and what happened before you. Like physical graffiti, messages are only visible to others nearby. Content can be tailored to individual tastes with powerful yet easy-to-use customized search features; simply input a keyword, or add a username, and Harpoen will return the closest match to you. Harpoen will also push-alert-you when you are around new messages that either match your saved interests, or have been left by your friends. Harpoen partners with artists, photographers, musicians, local governments, and others with great location-specific content, and has developed a suite of web and mobile management tools. Harpoen is unique because it is non-instantaneous. It is not uncommon to discover Harps from several weeks or months past in areas both new and familiar. We believe that having a shared location is the ultimate context for interactions. We experience serendipity while using Harpoen, as we either run into marks left by others, or others run into and comment on marks left by us.


“OzBook”  is an interactive book for both children and the entire family, based on L. Frank Baum’s original novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Sixty interactive illustrations featuring beautiful scenes, vivacious music, and special sound effects let children feel the spirit of the adventurous journey to Emerald City, together with all the engaging characters. By lighting candles in the dark, the child finds the sneaky Wizard, helps Scarecrow to whisk angry crows away, or sees Emerald City with green glasses. Powered by a realistic physics engine allowing fast content accessibility, the award-winning OzBook features a user-friendly interface, magnificent particle simulations, accelerometer and aquatic and/or fire effects, as well as a memory game and magic pictures that come to life as users touch or tilt the iPad. OzBook can be accessed in four different languages including English, Lithuanian, German and Russian.   




Towngas is one of the largest energy suppliers in Hong Kong. It provides people in Hong Kong with total-solution gas services, using a convenient specially developed iPhone app. The app features various mobile services that help citizens to increase their life quality and energy efficiency. The “Report Meter Readings” function allows customers to input accurate gas meter readings in seconds; the “Report Meter Readings Reminder” ensures customers report on time; the “eBilling Reminder” pushes an alert when a Towngas eBill appears in the customer’s eService account. Furthermore, the app carries over 1,000 free recipes with simple ingredients for healthy, inexpensive home-cooked meals in no time. Users can go straight to market with this ready-made shopping list. The “Low Carbon Action!” feature is a green campaign providing easy tips for a low carbon footprint. Users’ actions are tracked via diary logs. The app calculates and displays the personal reduction in CO²emissions. Furthermore, users can join the first Maggiemarket game, “Low Carbon Cooking Adventure,” and have fun flame cooking.




Tripwolf - your travel guide is an app for avid travellers. Users can join the tripwolf community and share recommendations by marking their favourite places or get advice from experienced travel writers. The app includes maps, an Augmented Reality viewer, free updates and bonus content for selected destinations. A highlight: the city, country and regional guides created for the most stunning destinations in the world. Thousands of travellers use the app to share tips about restaurants, shops, hotels and nightlife, sorting attractions by popularity, distance, cuisines, price level and type. Trip planning, route calculation, a practical“You Are Here” marker displaying the direction the user is facing, a tripwolf blog and interactivity are some of the myriad features offered by this app. Guide updatesare free, while the features and maps function without internet connection, thus saving roaming fees when abroad.  The app is available in German, English, Italian, French, and Spanish. tripwolf - your travel guide was the WYSTC award winner for the best youth & student travel app in 2011.



Streetspotr is the Smartphone app that connects businesses to Europe’s largest mobile workforce. Streetspotr enables everyday local people with Smartphones to deliver relevant, nearly instant business intelligence, and get paid for it! With the power of a Smartphone, an individual is able to photograph, record and report on required business information and within an instant, relay this information back to the business. Quick, easy, reliable and cost efficient. With 160,000+ Streetspotrs now operating in Europe, there has never been a better time for businesses to benefit from a world that is more socially connected, increasingly urbanized, mobile and digitally enabled. And for the individual Streetspotr, their Smartphone has just become the ultimate money making machine while on the go!

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Maestro Digital Publishing Suite (Maestro DPS) is a powerful digital publishing system for interactive magazines, e-books, comics, business catalogues and education publications. Easy to learn, the Maestro system requires no programming skill. Maestro DPS creates interactive contents that rival other providers and supports multiple platforms with a single product for both mobile phones and tablet devices. Maestro DPS is a complete solution for individual designers, traditional media publishers, ad agencies, or major media and brand organizations, making it possible to create, distribute, monetize and optimize robust interactive publications.

To facilitate improved workflow for publishers, Maestro DPS offers an instant preview feature with over-the-air device-to-device file delivery support. Maestro DPS is a mandatory higher diploma module at the Hong Kong Design Institute. The app has won a number of outstanding IT and business awards.


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Sustainable Cities is a social network that focuses on citizenship. It follows the worldwide trend towards segmented social networks. MyFunCity - Sustainable Cities is an e-government software tool designed for e-citizens looking to have an impact on public management with their real needs and priorities. Multi-platform and multi-channel, MyFunCity- Sustainable Cities integrates mobiles phones, smartphones and the web. Citizens can contribute to thirteen areas of evaluation, including transportation, education, health, leisure, safety, street cleanliness, traffic, roads, green spaces, visual pollution, noise, and mood. An average of six questions per area is presented randomly each time a user checks in. Drawing on the total evaluations pertaining to a certain space, such as a street, borough or city, an exact map is drawn based on citizens’ praise and/or disapproval.