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Scoopshot is a service allowing smartphone owners to become photographers for media companies. Users can take newsworthy photos or videos and send them via the mobile app, offering their shots at a set price. Journalists can purchase the image at the price set by the photographer or buy exclusive rights for ten times as much. Conversely, editors can send location-based tasks to mobile users via the interface, at a price determined by the media. In this way, media can incentivize scoopshooters in the field or assign a freelance photographer anywhere via the Scoopshot PRO interface. Scoopshot has over 110,000 mobile photographers in 160 countries. Scoopshooters submitted over 250,000 photos last year, of which over 110,000 were purchased and published. Forty-six media corporations use Scoopshot daily, accessing a low cost, unique and steady flow of digital content. Besides media, companies can use the Scoopshot application for marketing, listing and promotion. As Scoopshot‘s community is highly engaged, brands can obtain extensive content for enlivening online activity. Scoopshot products are all based on the same mobile app. Assignments and photo stream are managed from the same web store, making it easy to use for both contributors and buyers.

Scoopshot PRO makes it possible to assign a freelance photographer anywhere in the world via the same interface.Conversely, editors can send location based tasks to the mobile users via the interface at a price determined by the media. This way media can incentivize and activate the scoopshooters locally or even Nationally and Globally to get content from a desired event.
Scoopshot PRO makes it possible to assign a freelance photographer anywhere in the world via the same interface.
Besides media, the Scoopshot application can be used for marketing, listing, promotion and activation processes by any company.



MagicReader provides a magical experience of reading and viewing e-books using the iPad. There is no need to touch the hardware to turn pages, facial movements are enough. MagicReader uses the mobile device’s camera to detect the movement of the person reading the book. With this new technology, a disabled or injured person can read a book without having to depend on help from someone else. MagicReader can also be used in diverse daily situations, such as reading while eating with both hands, reading a recipe while cooking or perusing documents while typing on a keyboard. There are countless more ways to use MagicReader.



Dermandar  creates a novel way to take panoramic images. The simple and elegant user interface is composed of two complementary shapes that join each other as the user rotates the device. The extremely fast outcome is the product of a unique combination of high-level mathematics and low-level optimizations. Using the mobile device’s sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass), the application automatically takes consecutive images. More than 4.5 million people have downloaded this application.

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TrafficMate is a traffic management app providing an efficient solution for traffic congestion. Research indicates the most effective ways to control traffic, for example, by algorithms based on artificial intelligence to control traffic lights. However, these solutions rely on the availability of accurate and real-time information about traffic flow. TrafficMate takes advantage of the smartphone inside the app user’s pocket, turning the user into a sensor. Smartphones thus create a ‘social network’ of traffic detection without external sensors or bureaucracy. The mobile app collects traffic flow data including speed, acceleration patterns and location of the mobile device in a vehicle, sending the data to a central server, where it is processed to identify traffic jam locations.  App users receive information from the server in the form of location-based updates. TrafficMate marks jammed areas on a Google map, also making information available to traffic analysts and viewers via the web page or API. A major advantage: TrafficMate data gathering and transmission is a backend process, not visible to the user.




Project Noah is a software platform designed to help people reconnect with the natural world. Launched in early 2010, the project began as an experiment to mobilize citizen scientists and build a digital butterfly net for the 21st century. Now backed by National Geographic, Project Noah is mobilizing a new generation of nature explorers and helping people from around the world to appreciate their local wildlife. The community is harnessing the power and popularity of new mobile technologies to collect important ecological data and preserve global biodiversity. The ultimate goal is to build a go-to platform for documenting all the world’s organisms. In so doing, Project Noah hopes to develop an effective way to measure Mother Nature’s pulse. By providing tools to help mobile citizens share their encounters with nature, Project Noah builds a powerful force for crowdsourcing ecological data collection and strengthening wildlife awareness and preservation.

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iPolice is a community policing platform designed to engage more Nigerians in making Nigeria a safer country. The mobile app iPolice provides citizens with an effective way of partnering with security agencies, by reporting crimes and providing valuable information via their mobile phones. iPolice also supports community-oriented policing efforts by keeping citizens informed of crime and security issues in the neighbourhood where they live or work, thus helping to reduce crime in the community. iPolice makes it possible to follow and analyze security and crime trends according to federal state and given location. The iPolice app helps locate the nearest police station with address and contact details, for quick and easy crime reporting. Special features of the application include: Security news and alert security tips for safe living; a Crime reporting module; an Information feedback module; the Town and suburb crime history and security report. The ‘Nearest police station’ option gives the user’s location. In keeping abreast of crime and security-related news as it unfolds, Nigerians can learn and contribute to basic crime prevention measures.

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Traditional medical education is commonly considered boring and time consuming, yet as every doctor knows, practicing medicine is interesting and challenging. The answer has to do with arriving at a diagnosis, which requires a lot of analytical skill, while being stimulating and even fun. The Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app takes this idea and converts it into a simple, but effective game in which doctors play out a diagnostic process similar to real life. The app contains over 100 cases, each representing a common clinical scenario. Users are initially shown the medical history and the examination findings. Then the challenge begins: from a list provided, the user decides which tests to perform on the patient, bearing in mind that some tests might even cause harm if performed unnecessarily. The same considerations pertain to possible treatments. The game evaluates the user’s performance and provides feedback, together with a discussion written by leading consultants, physicians or surgeons. Content, modelled on real patients, has been verified by a panel of medical specialists. Medical students, junior and even very senior doctors with years of experience around the world have praised the Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app.

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News360 is a set of mobile apps for smartphone and tablet platforms. The apps send a tailored stream of news content focused on users’ specific interests. The apps gather and analyse news articles from more than 20,000 online sources, presenting the most important ones in a grid. On the flagship iPad version, each rectangle in the grid is the face of a cube - the user can rotate the cube to see different aspects of the story or activate different actions. Flipping the cube up displays a preview, flipping it down allows story-sharing, turning to the opposite face activates selected coverage. News360 combines diverse sources to provide coverage from diverging perspectives, all with one tap. News360 gets smarter the more it’s used – the app analyses the user’s behaviour and adjusts the feed to provide more sophisticated sources from authors not otherwise available. The system is based on a self-learning ontology with a state-of-the-art linguistic analysis engine that tracks more than a million topics, organizations, people and products. News360 apps have been downloaded by over 1.5 million people and positively reviewed by the news industry.



The Ovelin app Wildchords combines high-tech signal processing technologies with gaming to motivate people to practice their musical instruments, making learning fun, even addictive. WildChords is played on an iPad, together with a real acoustic or electric guitar. The microphone records the notes played and the app evaluates the sound. For instruments like guitar, the harmonics of the strings overlap in the audio spectrum, making individual chords difficult to identify. Unique Ovelin technology allows instantaneous recognition, critical for real-time game play. WildChords detects typical mistakes made by music learners such as wrong notes, poor hand position or technique, and gives feedback to improve playing. WildChords offers a riveting game scenario, where, with enough musical skill, the user moves from level to level. The story unfolds as the user progresses: hundreds of escaped animals prowl the city scaring inhabitants. Each animal likes a specific guitar chord: Carsten, the Crazy Crocodile likes C; Doris, the Droopy Duck likes D; Angelo, the Arrogant Ape likes A and so on. The user rounds up the animals by playing their favourite chords, bringing them to the harbour to board a boat for return to their natural habitat. The winner of the game is on the way to becoming a musician.



Sustainable Cities is a social network that focuses on citizenship. It follows the worldwide trend towards segmented social networks. MyFunCity - Sustainable Cities is an e-government software tool designed for e-citizens looking to have an impact on public management with their real needs and priorities. Multi-platform and multi-channel, MyFunCity- Sustainable Cities integrates mobiles phones, smartphones and the web. Citizens can contribute to thirteen areas of evaluation, including transportation, education, health, leisure, safety, street cleanliness, traffic, roads, green spaces, visual pollution, noise, and mood. An average of six questions per area is presented randomly each time a user checks in. Drawing on the total evaluations pertaining to a certain space, such as a street, borough or city, an exact map is drawn based on citizens’ praise and/or disapproval.