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Life with Cancer is an app for cancer patients, caregivers, relatives and friends in Denmark. This app offers on-the-spot help, whenever patients and relatives need more information about a specific cancer, its symptoms and treatment, how to care for cancer patients, what to ask the doctor, where to get help or treatment. It contains a logbook/diary where patients can keep a log of their illness or share/ update information with others. Images, audio and video can be added to the logbook. Special features include a Checklist function to create to-do lists, questions for the doctor and share them with others. The Events function shows what is on at the nearest cancer counseling center and saves details to a calendar. The Addresses function offers locations and opening hours at cancer counseling centers throughout Denmark, as well as phone counseling and access to the online community. Users can access videos on cancer screenings and treatment, create password protected user profiles or enter data. Presentations are customized based on the information provided in the user profile. The app does not remove the anxiety associated with cancer, but it helps to relieve it, making life with cancer more humane.




Scoopshot is a service allowing smartphone owners to become photographers for media companies. Users can take newsworthy photos or videos and send them via the mobile app, offering their shots at a set price. Journalists can purchase the image at the price set by the photographer or buy exclusive rights for ten times as much. Conversely, editors can send location-based tasks to mobile users via the interface, at a price determined by the media. In this way, media can incentivize scoopshooters in the field or assign a freelance photographer anywhere via the Scoopshot PRO interface. Scoopshot has over 110,000 mobile photographers in 160 countries. Scoopshooters submitted over 250,000 photos last year, of which over 110,000 were purchased and published. Forty-six media corporations use Scoopshot daily, accessing a low cost, unique and steady flow of digital content. Besides media, companies can use the Scoopshot application for marketing, listing and promotion. As Scoopshot‘s community is highly engaged, brands can obtain extensive content for enlivening online activity. Scoopshot products are all based on the same mobile app. Assignments and photo stream are managed from the same web store, making it easy to use for both contributors and buyers.

Scoopshot PRO makes it possible to assign a freelance photographer anywhere in the world via the same interface.Conversely, editors can send location based tasks to the mobile users via the interface at a price determined by the media. This way media can incentivize and activate the scoopshooters locally or even Nationally and Globally to get content from a desired event.
Scoopshot PRO makes it possible to assign a freelance photographer anywhere in the world via the same interface.
Besides media, the Scoopshot application can be used for marketing, listing, promotion and activation processes by any company.



TaxiPal connects users with trusted taxi companies anywhere in the world, providing information on local taxi companies, tariffs and user ratings. A taxi can be summoned without a phone call. With a few simple taps on the mobile display, a taxi will be on its way. What’s more, with TaxiPal’s direct ordering feature, the busy user can silently pre-order during an appointment or conference, so that the taxi is waiting the moment the client steps out of the meeting. Features include extensive international coverage in 31 countries and services available in ten languages, with more added continuously. The app brings taxi companies more customers, by making a participating company visible and more accessible. The web-based back office is easy to use and can be integrated with existing systems, making it a cost-effective sales channel that works 24/7 and crosses language barriers. TaxiPal has received multiple top awards.

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TrafficMate is a traffic management app providing an efficient solution for traffic congestion. Research indicates the most effective ways to control traffic, for example, by algorithms based on artificial intelligence to control traffic lights. However, these solutions rely on the availability of accurate and real-time information about traffic flow. TrafficMate takes advantage of the smartphone inside the app user’s pocket, turning the user into a sensor. Smartphones thus create a ‘social network’ of traffic detection without external sensors or bureaucracy. The mobile app collects traffic flow data including speed, acceleration patterns and location of the mobile device in a vehicle, sending the data to a central server, where it is processed to identify traffic jam locations.  App users receive information from the server in the form of location-based updates. TrafficMate marks jammed areas on a Google map, also making information available to traffic analysts and viewers via the web page or API. A major advantage: TrafficMate data gathering and transmission is a backend process, not visible to the user.



iButterfly  is a gamified location-based coupon and content entertainment App platform, where users acquire coupons or content by hunting 3D flying butterflies. Making use of 3D engine, AR, location enablement and motion-sensing technologies, iButterfly combines the joy of social gaming and coupon downloads for a brand-new experience. Users enjoy the reality feeling of catching “butterflies” flying in the AR world. The attractive butterflies are loaded with branded discount coupons and interesting contents. Advertisers pay to conduct campaigns which engage and drive users to their retail presence. Users can also share butterflies with friends through Facebook. iButterfly was first introduced in Japan by Dentsu Japan and took the Hong Kong market by storm in May 2011. It became an overnight hit with over 10 million butterflies caught and 350,000 users. In Thailand, iButterfly captured 100,000 downloads in the first week. In the Philippines, the largest shopping enterprise, SM Malls, embraced iButterfly as its promotion vehicle. In Indonesia, Unilever and top music bands are major partners. This unprecedented marketing platform has won over 10 local and international awards for its commercial success and creativity since 2011, capturing the imagination of advertisers in the region.



The Hostelworld.com app is a quick and secure way to book a place to stay while on the go. Search 27,000 properties in over 6,000 destinations worldwide. Read over 3.5 million user reviews, view rich property information including photos and descriptions helping you decide where to stay.



Roadroid offers a mobile app for Android smart phones, to monitor road condition, and a web site with color-marked maps displaying results.
The app is using phone’s built-in sensors, camera and GPS. The app analysis provides 100 signals per second (100 Hz), defining road quality according to four levels: green for ‘Good’, yellow for ‘Satisfactory’, red for ‘Unsatisfactory’ and black for ‘Poor’.
After logging onto the ROADROID’s homepage, users can dig in to the data and monitor, plan or follow up on road maintenance. ROADROID provides an up-to-date picture of road quality.
By generating precise measurements and large amounts of data, the field-tested ROADROID system provides reliable statistics in a way unmatched by other methods. It also creates unique opportunities for route guidance and avoiding bad stretches.
ROADROID has relevance both in developed countries for follow ups on Performance Based Contracts - but also in developing countries as it enables a powerful solutions for road maintenance issues. The Road infrastructure is a basic condition for enabling growth, democracy, healthcare and education in a country. Roadroid is an excellent tool to get a comprehensive view of the situation and also to follow up the actions, not of least interest form funders as the World Bank.




Bambuser is a simple-to-use live video service that allows users to quickly and easily capture, share and watch live video through mobile phones and computers. Bambuser also enables instant sharing with the world’s favourite social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. With users in 190 countries, Bambuser’s mission is to provide people and brands with the most enjoyable and effective interaction and sharing of special moments with others through real-time video. Users can broadcast what’s happening, chat with viewers live, or share breaking news with a global audience, thanks to Bambuser’s cooperation with an international news agency. Bambuser is available as a free service for consumers and non-profits, and as a premium service for commercial use.

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Traditional medical education is commonly considered boring and time consuming, yet as every doctor knows, practicing medicine is interesting and challenging. The answer has to do with arriving at a diagnosis, which requires a lot of analytical skill, while being stimulating and even fun. The Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app takes this idea and converts it into a simple, but effective game in which doctors play out a diagnostic process similar to real life. The app contains over 100 cases, each representing a common clinical scenario. Users are initially shown the medical history and the examination findings. Then the challenge begins: from a list provided, the user decides which tests to perform on the patient, bearing in mind that some tests might even cause harm if performed unnecessarily. The same considerations pertain to possible treatments. The game evaluates the user’s performance and provides feedback, together with a discussion written by leading consultants, physicians or surgeons. Content, modelled on real patients, has been verified by a panel of medical specialists. Medical students, junior and even very senior doctors with years of experience around the world have praised the Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app.



Back in Time is an educational book app for iPad, offering a multimedia interactive journey through defining events in the history of human civilization, of life on the planet, even of the universe. The perception of time in such different eras poses a challenge, as these time-scales are not easy to grasp. Back in Time offers the user a virtual clock according to which the whole universe started 24 hours ago. The analogue clock makes it easier to perceive the relative distance between events. Spinning the clock’s hands backward starts a journey into the past, skipping millions of years with each minute. In this imaginary clock, Earth was formed about 8 hours ago, the dinosaurs became extinct 7 minutes ago and Homo sapiens has enjoyed little more than 1 second of existence. An intuitive interface allows users to navigate through history. Each epoch has its own section, with a documentary text, a detailed timeline, interesting facts, as well as images and videos. Custom-made animations bring events to life, creating an immersive reading experience. The app’s content is concise and easy for all ages to follow, allowing even users with basic literacy skills to gain an understanding of history.

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