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Shadow Cities players are technomages, rediscovering the long lost parallel shadow world and its magic by using their mobile device. The game challenges players to rediscover their surroundings in a way never before seen. Using location-based augmented reality technology, Shadow Cities creates a revolutionary global arena in which players delve into real-time, large-scale epic battles with other gamers in their very own transformed neighbourhoods. At the core of the game lie spells cast by drawing runes on the mobile device screen. Shadow Cities builds on traditional roleplaying concepts, offering a deep levelling system that allows players to customize their character by learning spells and developing attributes. An entirely new feature layers the game world on top of real-world locations. Players are challenged in mission-based gameplay, as well as by Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment territorial conflict and control, and weekly campaigns between player factions, with unique medals as rewards that define the player’s character over time. Communication plays a vital role, ensured by in-game chat and social networking functionalities. Players can call on friends for help, discuss campaign progressions, display achievements and most importantly, remain easily connected with friends inside Shadow Cities.

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Star Walk is a stellar augmented reality app that labels the stars, constellations, and satellites pointed to with an iPad. Star Walk tracks the International Space Station, finds out what constellation the user has been looking at from their bedroom window and provides oodles of exciting and educative information. Combined with the amazing Apple Design award-winning graphics and highest quality content, the Star Walk experience is pure magic.

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QTom, the first product to offer customizable music television, allows viewers to personally select music with a quick turn of the dial, adapting the music program to their personal preferences and tastes. Depending on their favourite music or momentary mood, viewers choose from different music channels – oldies or contemporary, big hits or underground, fast songs or slow ones. The experienced editorial staff ensures a suitable mixture of offerings along with the newest clips. Viewers can even create their own playlists and share them with friends and loved ones.


Dermandar  creates a novel way to take panoramic images. The simple and elegant user interface is composed of two complementary shapes that join each other as the user rotates the device. The extremely fast outcome is the product of a unique combination of high-level mathematics and low-level optimizations. Using the mobile device’s sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass), the application automatically takes consecutive images. More than 4.5 million people have downloaded this application.


“OzBook”  is an interactive book for both children and the entire family, based on L. Frank Baum’s original novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Sixty interactive illustrations featuring beautiful scenes, vivacious music, and special sound effects let children feel the spirit of the adventurous journey to Emerald City, together with all the engaging characters. By lighting candles in the dark, the child finds the sneaky Wizard, helps Scarecrow to whisk angry crows away, or sees Emerald City with green glasses. Powered by a realistic physics engine allowing fast content accessibility, the award-winning OzBook features a user-friendly interface, magnificent particle simulations, accelerometer and aquatic and/or fire effects, as well as a memory game and magic pictures that come to life as users touch or tilt the iPad. OzBook can be accessed in four different languages including English, Lithuanian, German and Russian.