New Book provides Roadmap to Mobile World

Out Now: Global Mobile - Applications and Innovations for the Worldwide Mobile Ecosystem

Providing you with up-to-date insights and information, this book is your manual to navigate the ever-changing waters of mobile innovation. Editors Peter A. Bruck (World Summit Award Mobile) and Madanmohan Rao (Mobile Monday) bring together an international cast of thought leaders and practitioners in this sweeping survey of mobile technology and its impacts on human life, work, and society.

Thirty-one chapters examine the foundations of the worldwide mobile ecosystem and present an array of case studies and perspectives on how mobile is transforming human enterprise—from business and healthcare to education, employment, entertainment, government, and the media. Contributors offer recommendations and analyses of how mobile can and is being used to expand economies, alliances, and partnerships, and assess legal, policy, and regulatory issues and challenges.

With its practical coverage of the most influential technology of our lifetime, Global Mobile is a vital reference for business leaders, entrepreneurs, communications specialists, activists, journalists, researchers, educators, technologists, and public policymakers.