Hiru TV-Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
m-Media & News
Ms. Dilini Silva


The Hiru TV mobile applications combines high definition technology and quality programming and has created an unparalled global virtual theatre for all Sinhala speaking viewers. Noteworthy is the array of programs that enables users in country or domiciled abroad, to enjoy programs in their mother tongue and maintain strong bonds with the country. It facilitates user audience engagement as citizen journalists by providing a platform for uploading news video clips. In addition, amateur performers whether in country or abroad can submit video clips of their work to be showcased on Hiru TV. A key beneficiary audience is the approximately 1.8 million Sri Lankans who work abroad and contribute more than 8% to the GDP annually. Migrant workers are able to watch live programmes with minimum data bandwidth as the application live streams content optimized for the mobile. TV is the most penetrative media and combined with this mobile app, a hitherto unavailable gateway has opened for migrants to interact with their families in the home nation