Sherlock:The Network

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
m-Entertainment & Lifestyle
Ms. Rebecca Mary Winch

Sherlock: The Network invites the player to join the ‘homeless network’. Across ten cases players help Sherlock and John solve cases, ranging from simply receiving and passing on messages, to the more difficult task of sourcing intelligence by infiltrating the enemy and decrypting complex codes and puzzles with the ultimate mission of thwarting one overarching plot: the kidnapping of Mrs Hudson.

Using a bespoke mapping and messaging interface, participants navigate virtual London on foot, by tube or by taxi, hearing from witnesses, collecting and storing evidence, playing games, earning money and picking up tools to accelerate their mission.

Key to the app was ensuring it was strongly rooted in the story-world of the TV series; that it was sufficiently sophisticated and intelligent to cater to the die-hard fans; whilst also appealing to the wider TV/Drama audience.

On the day of release, the app reached the first position on the UK App Store and has since reached the first position under the entertainment category app in 37 countries.